HopLAX Wall Ball Routine

Work hard, work smart, work correctly!


15 minutes a day, 5 times a week (yes, 5 times a week). Players do NOT get better at passing and catching by getting older...it takes work and a LOT of reps.

Two rules: 

1. Gloves MUST be worn

2. Stand roughly 10-12 feel from the bounce surface


Exercise 1 - Total 150 reps:

• Full pass and catch with strong hand - 50 reps: make sure your bottom hand comes all the way up and back to your right ear (left ear for lefties).

• Full pass and catch with your weak hand - 100 reps. 

Exercise 2 - Total 150 reps:

• 1-handed pass and catch with strong hand - 50 reps: same drill, just 1-handed. Be sure to use your footwork to make the catch 1-handed. The key here is to really snap the wrist to increase wrist strength.

• 1-handed pass and catch with weak hand - 100 reps.

Exercise 3 - Total 100 reps:

• Pass right, catch left...pass left, catch right. This drill is meant to quicken the hand transfer. As soon as the pass is thrown, you need to maneuver your body into a position to catch the ball with the opposite hand. no standing still - this is a footwork drill as much as it is a stickwork drill.