Required Lacrosse Equipment

  • Full size stick (no mini-sticks allowed)
  • Lacrosse helmet - NO HOCKEY HELMETS
  • Mouth guard (attached to helmet)
  • Shoulder pads - Must be NOCSAE ND200 certified
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves (Hockey gloves do not flex properly for lacrosse )
  • Athletic supporter with protective cup
  • Rubber sole cleats (soccer or football cleats are fine).

You can purchase gear and equipment at many stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods as well as the numerous online sites.  However, if you are new to lacrosse and need to get fitted, then we suggest you visit Lacrosse Unlimited in Wellesley or Franklin. They have starter packages including all necessary equipment for around $175.

We also recommend that new players DO NOT purchase sticks as part of their starter package. The sticks stores include as part of the package are notoriously bad sticks - making throwing and catching even harder for new players. HopLAX partners with StringKing to sell discounted starter sticks that are designed to make throwing and catching easier. Please visit our online store for info/availability.